Justinian's Codex Book 8


 title 4 lex 1 (Title: Unde


 vi, Recte possidenti)


The Emperors Diocletian and Maximian, and the Caesars, to Theodorus.

A person lawfully in possession has the right to use a controlled amount  of blameless (justified) force (resistance) (moderamen inculpatae tutelae) to repel any violence exerted for the purpose of depriving him of possession, if he holds without defect.

Published on the fifteenth of the Kalends of December, during the Consulate of Diocletian, Consul for the fourth time, and Maximian, Consul for the third time, 290.

Recte possidenti ad defendendam possessionem quam sine vitio tenebat, inculpatae tutelae moderatione illatam vim propulsare licet.

Moderamen inculpatae tutelae



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Italian (saec. XII.1) Justinian's Codex 8.4.1  Glosses of Irnerius et alii