Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek 673, p. 171

"Si quis ingenuus" is found in 25 canonical collections

"Si femina" is found in 19 collections

Hence in the Council at Verberie, where King Pepin was present, 'statutum legis' c. 6: On one who takes a slave girl as a wife thinking her to be free.

If any free man takes another's slave girl as his wife, thinking that she is free, and this woman is later discovered to be enslaved, he may redeem her from slavery, if he can. If he cannot, he may take another wife, if he wishes. But if he knew she was a slave, and still thought highly of her, he must later keep her as his lawful wife. A free woman must do likewise with another's slave.

Also, from the same, c. 8:

<A woman cannot lawfully send a man away if she married him knowing he was a slave>

If a free woman takes a slave, knowing him to be slave, let her keep him, for we all have the same Father in Heaven. There shall be one law for the man and for the woman.