Lombard Law (Lombarda Book 2 Title 47, leges 1 and 2)

De armis infra patriam non portandis

Imperator Pipinus (8th Century)

Ut nullus ad mallum vel ad placitum infra patriam arma, id est scutum et lanceam, portet.

No one may carry arms within the homeland to the mallum or to the court --- that is a sword or lance.

Imperator Lotharius (9th Century)

Volumus ut cum collectis <vel scutis add. 1537, 1550 edd.> ad placitum comitis nullus presumat venire et si presumperit bannum nostrum componat.

We decree that no one may presume to come to the court of the count with retainers.  If he will would presume to do so, he will be placed under our bann.


Lombarda, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, lat. 8782, fol. 35ra, manuscript dated ca. 1150