Council of Nicaea  325 A.D.

Translation based on the standard Latin text by Conciliorum oecumenicorum generaliumque decreta, 1: The Oecumenical Councils from Nicaea I to Nicaea II (325-787). Edited G. Alberigo, A.M. Ritter et al. Corpus Christianorum. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2006 and  Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils, 1: Nicaea I-Lateran V, 2: Trent-Vatican II, ed. Norman P. Tanner. 2 Volumes. London-Washington, D.C.: Sheed & Ward and Georgetown University Press, 1990.

Preamble (Nicene Creed)

Canon 10-13

Head of Constantine

Capitoline Museum, Rome

Canons 1-4

Canon 14-19

Canons 5-9

Canon 20-Epilogue

Old Translation of the Creed and Canons


Definition of "canon"

Canon 1


Canon 2

Rapid promotion of clergy

Canon 3

Women living with clergy

Canon 4

Election of bishops

Canon 5

Synod as court

Canon 6

Patriarchal primacy

Canon 7

Primacy of Jerusalem

Canon 8

Heretical ordinations and chorbishops

Canon 9

Ordination of clergy without examination

Canon 10

Lapsed Catholics shall not be ordained

Canon 11

Lapsed Christians

Canon 12

Military Service

Canon 13

Eucharist at death

Canon 14

Lapsed catechumens

Canon 15

Translations of clergy

Canon 16

Translation and ordination

Canon 17


Canon 18

Deacons and the Eucharist

Canon 19

Deaconesses and Paulists

Canon 20

Liturgical rule on standing when praying in the Mass; Letter to Alexandria

Bronze Head of Constantine Capitoline Museum, Rome


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