TRS 220

The Church Through the Ages:  From St. Paul to Luther

This course will examine the history of the Christian church from the Apostolic Age to the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. The Church was the central institution in European society for 1500 years. It was a space and place where Emperors and kings met merchants and peasants. The rich and the poor considered the Church a central focus of their lives. Six major themes will be followed: The governance of the Church by councils, popes, and bishops; the evolution of Christian ideas about war, social justice, and spirituality; the tension and conflicts between the secular state and the Church; the changing ideas about how a “Christian life” should be lived; the rise of Islam and the conflict between Muslims and Christians; and the role of the Church in shaping Christian society. Students will also study Christian art and architecture. They will learn how Christian architecture reflected the goals of churchmen and how Christian art reflected the hopes and aspirations of Christian peoples.

The course will be a combination of lecture and discussion. Five quizzes, a mid-term and a final essay will be required.