History 211: The Vikings and the New Invasions

Lecture   3

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Distintergration of the Carolingian World


Louis the Pious died in 840

Map of Treaty of Verdun 843

Viking Ceremonial Helmet

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 The New Invasions

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 Vikings, Saracens, and Magyars

Lindisfarne 793 Rus Volga River

Viking Long Ships

Ibn Fadlan, 922

Iceland 874 Greenland      

Long Ships of the Vikings

Another Viking Site about Long Ships

Charles the Simple

Rollo the Viking, Normandy 911

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  vikingmap2.JPG (70060 bytes) Map of  Viking invasions of British Isles 

King Harald of Norway: Russia: 1031 - Constantinople 1035 - Sicily 1038-1041

Vikings explore Greenland and North America, ca. 1000

Cnutempire.jpg (63932 bytes)    Empire of Cnut the Great 995-1035

Saracens (Arabs): Sicily, 843 sack of Rome, Corsica, Sardinia, Delta of the Rhone River

Emperor Otto I (936-973)

Magyars: Lechfeld 955 

Crusade and Expansion of Europe

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Pisa's Conquest of Corsica and Sardinia
Reconquest of Spain
Normans' conquest of England, Sicily, and Southern Italy

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Map of Viking, Arab, and Magyar invasions

Time Line

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The First Crusade 

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Council of Clermont 1095 Jerusalem: Holy to Jews, Christians, and Moslems
Indulgence Pope Urban II, Speech at Clermont
Peter the Hermit Raymond of Toulouse
Ademar of Le Puy, Papal Legate Bohemond of Taranto, Prince of Antioch
Capture of Jerusalem 1099 crusaderst2.jpg (28952 bytes)

Crusading States and Kingdom of Jerusalem

Peter Abelard's Ode to Jerusalem

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