TRS 220: The Fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Conversion of Northern Europe

Topic 2   Germanic (Barbarian)Invasions (Volkerwanderungen)

The Germanic Tribes invade the Christian Roman Empire

The Christian Empire struggles to survive

Huns arrive on the Don River 370 A.D. Visigoths enter Empire 376 with permission of Emperor  Valentinian I

RomanSaracophagusDet5.jpg (238800 bytes)

Battle of Adrianople 378 A.D. Emperor Valens

Germanic tribes cross the Rhine 406 A.D.

Vandals invade Roman Africa 430 A.D.

Attila the Hun is defeated 451 A.D.

Rome is sacked by Vandals 455 A.D.

Saxons, Picts, and Angles

Roman Man, Berlin

Last Roman Emperor in West Romulus Augustulus is killed 476 A.D.

The Germanic Kingdoms

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Map of the Roman Empire  and the First Wave of Early Germanic Peoples' Migrations

Map of the Early Germanic Kingdoms after the First Wave of Invasions (2)

Map of the Germanic Kingdoms and Justinian's Conquests in the West Religions in the Roman Empire ca. 400

Missionaries to Northern Europe

Arian Missionaries

Ulfila, Apostle to the Goths



King Clovis 486-511 converts the Franks to Christianity

Irish, Scots and Celts

St. Columba 

St. Patrick


Bede's Description of the Mission to England


Life of St. Boniface

Letters of St. Boniface


Saints Cyril and Methodius

Pope Nicholas I's Letter to the Bulgars 866 A.D.


Visigothic coins


Anskar, Apostle to the North

Missionaries in Northern Europe Map to ca. 800

Christianization of Northern Europe to ca. 1400

Dying Gaul (German) Third Century BC  Roman Copy of Greek Original, Capitoline Museum, Rome  Click on picture for detailed views

The Romans and their relationship with the Germanic peoples

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