Surfing the Net for Credit in TRS 220

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Team Pennington is offering 3-5 points of extra credit for a referral to a web site that will be used in TRS 220. These points will be given only if the web site you propose is chosen by Professor Pennington to add to the existing TRS 220 web sites or to replace one of the existing HST 220 web sites; a well-written proposal and a particularly good site can earn up to 5 points. You may apply these points either to your midterm exam score or to your final exam score (your choice).  Extra credit proposals are due by December 1st.

You can submit a proposal either by e-mail or on paper to any member of Team Pennington. To be considered, each proposal must answer the following questions:


1. What is the exact address (URL) of the web site?

2. What is the stated topic or title of the site? To which lecture sheet should the link to this site be added?

3. Why do you think this is a useful site for TRS 220 students? What specific themes of the course or what primary sources used in the course does the site support?

4. How accurate are the facts and inferences contained in this site? How did you determine how accurate the site is?

5. What other sources does the site list, either as sources of the information presented or for further reading? To what other sites does this site link?

6. Who, or what institution, sponsors this site? How reputable is the sponsor?

7. Is this site aesthetically inviting? That is, how well written is the information? Is the site visually pleasing?