Stuttgart, Württembergische  Landesbibliothek jur. 71, fol. 26r
Italian (saec. XII.1) Justinian's Codex 2.1  Glosses of Irnerius

1. Beginning with Irnerius, the jurists worked on the first 9 books of Justinian's Codex and Justinian's Institutes

2. The text of the Digest did not need  same attention because it was a book of jurisprudence.

3. The primary means through which the jurists made the Codex relevant for the twelfth century by adding abbreviated texts to the margins that they called C.N. (Constitutiones novae)

4. These additions to the margins of the Codex  are important because they provide evidence for the teaching of the jurists and for their making the Codex a living law