Emperor Justinian † 565

Detail of Mosaic

San Vitale Ravenna ca. 547


The Status of Jews

 in the Medieval-Early Modern Ius commune


Positive Law, Jurisprudence, Consilia, Higher Norms


  Justinian's Codex, De Iudaeis et caelicolis Book 1, Title 9 and Title 10 (524 C.E)


Cod. 1.9.3 Constantine. Jews who become Christian cannot be attacked. 315


Cod. 1.9.4. Valentinian and Valens. Jewish synagogues cannot be requisitioned for quartering soldiers 368-373


Cod. 1.9.6 Gratian, Theodosius, Arcadius. Jews cannot marry Christians 388


Cod. 1.9.7 Idem. Jews cannot follow some of their marriage laws permitting marriages to relatives 393


Cod. 1.9.14 Honorius and Theodosius.  No innocent Jew can be disgraced or insulted 412


Cod. 1.9.16 Idem. Jews may not circumcise any Christian 423


Cod. 1.9.18 Theodosius and ValentinianNo Jew may hold public office. 439 

Cod. 1.10.1-2 Constantine, Justinian Jews may not own Christian slaves and may not circumcise them (sententia capitalis)