Solidus minted in Thessalonica to celebrate the marriage of Western Emperor Valentinian III to Licinia Eudoxia, daughter of the Theodosius II. On the reverse, the three of them in wedding dress.

Cod. 1.14(17).4   Digna vox
Imperatores Theodosius, Valentinianus

Digna vox maiestate regnantis legibus alligatum se principem profiteri: adeo de auctoritate iuris nostra pendet auctoritas. Et re vera maius imperio est submittere legibus principatum. et oraculo praesentis edicti quod nobis licere non patimur indicamus. * theodos. et valentin. aa. ad volusianum pp. * <a 429 d. iii. id. iun. ravennae florentio et dionysio conss.>

Emperors Theodosius and Valentinian

It is a statement worthy of the majesty of a reigning prince for him to profess to be subject to the laws; for our authority is dependent upon that of the law. And, indeed, it is the greatest attribute of imperial power for the sovereign to be subject to the laws.  By this present edict we forbid others to do what we do not permit ourselves.   Given at Ravenna, on the third of the Ides of June, during the Consulate of Florentinus and Dionysius, 429.