Gratian St Gall Causa 14 fol. 109 <Causa 13 Gratian I and II>

<Admont, Stiftsbibliothek 23, fol. 193r-195r>

Cuiusdam ecclesie baptismalis diocesiani, multis bellorum cladibus pressi, hostili metu compulsi, in aliam diocesim sua transtulerunt domicilia, predia tamen colere non desierunt et decimas ceperunt soluere illi ecclesie in cuius diocesi transierunt et sepulturas apud eam sibi elegerunt. Deinde annis transactis l. clerici, quibus quondam persoluerant in eos questionem mouere coperunt qui ab istis primitias et decimas accipiunt. Ad causam igitur contra eos veniunt. Primum ergo queritur, si aliquorum domicilia in diocesibus baptismalis ecclesie, sunt translata, an persoluere decimas debeant et suas celebrare exequias apud ecclesiam in qua hec quondam a parentibus eorum fiebant? Secundo, an temporis prescriptione ius percipiendi decimas et funerandi tollatur?

The members of a diocese from a baptismal church had been oppressed by the many blows of  war.  They were compelled to move their homes to another diocese.  They did not, however, stop cultivating their old fields and began to give tithes and to bury their dead in the church of their new diocese.

Fifty years having passed, the clerics to whom they had formerly given tithes and first fruits raised the issue of their tithes and then took them to court.

First it is asked, if  those who move away from their baptismal churches ought to give tithes and bury their dead in the church where their relatives had?

Second, whether the right of receiving tithes and burying the dead is lost through prescription?