<Actor>  Constituetis uos plantatores vinearum, fossores agrorum, trituratores arearum, rigatores camporum, et denique multa alia uobis officia assumpsistis, et debita uobis obsequia a nobis subtrahi conquesti estis. Set utique quod uestrum est uobis non negamus: Boui trituranti palee et in tegumenta seruantur. Sint hec uobis. Nobis uero grana relinquite.

Pastinatores uinearum, fossores agrorum rigatores camporum, diurna mercede accepta, fructus provenientes domini<s> sunt. Vos igitur ut in cotidianis oblationibus et aliis obsequiis que pro spiritualibus, que a uobis accipiunt, quotidie deferuntur. Prouenientes uero fructus ut decimationum et primitiarum nobis relinquite.

<Plaintiff>  You have established yourselves as planters of vines, diggers of fileds, threshers of plains, waterers of pastures, and you have assumed the duties of many other things.    Obedience that is owed to us you have tried to take away.  We do not deny that what is yours is yours:  Threshing oxen, chaff, and clothes may be yours.  Leave to us the grain.

Protectors of vines, diggers of fields, waterers of pastures, having accepted daily gain, the fruit from these things are the lords'.  Therefore,  those oblations and and other services for spiritual offices that they accept from you, they give daily to you.  The products of the fruit as tithes and first fruits, leave those to us.