<Actor> Vt autem uniuersaliter cuncta colligantur, uniuersa que pro uobis sunt inducta, siue de agricola laborante, siue de suis stipendiis militante, ad hunc articulum deferimus, ut fructum uestri operis quem adeo contempitis, in oblationibus et quotidianis obsequiis istorum recipiatis. Qua de causa decimationes que nobis debentur, cum nostro honore nobis intactas relinquire potestis, ne, dum quod uestrum non est iniuste petitis iusta animaduersione quod uestrum est amittatis.




<Plaintiff>  As moreover universally other things are gathered, all the arguments that were brought on your behalf --- the farmers who were working and the stipends for soldiers --- we bring to this point:  the fruit of your work that you disparage  --- for that you receive their offerings and daily gifts.  The tithes that are due to us, you can leave them to us with  our honor preserved, lest not what is not yours you unjustly seek and by just reproach you lose what is rightfully yours.


Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 10, fol. 181:  Causa 13