Concubinage in Legislation of the First and Second Lateran Councils

Pope Calixtus II held Lateran I (1123 A.D.) c.7:  We absolutely forbid priests, deacons, or subdeacons to live with concubines and wives and to cohabit with other women.


Conclusion:  Gratian's discussion of concubinage becomes irrelevant after the promulgation of papal decretals and conciliar canons in the 1120's and 1130's


Pope Innocent II (1130-1143 A.D.) held Lateran II (1139) c.7:  Adhering to the path trod by our predecessors the Roman pontiffs Gregory VII, Urban and Paschal, we prescribe that nobody is to hear masses of those whom he knows to have wives or concubines .  .  . we decree that where bishops, priests, deacons, subdeacons, canons regular, monks, professed lay brothers have presumed to take wives .  .  . they are to be separated from them.  For we do not think that couplings of this sort that have been contracted against ecclesiastical norms is a marriage.