Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, 262 fol. 86v  Causa 33

ausa prima of the St. Gall Decretum

 The hypothetical

Laicus quidam litteratus concubinam habebat; tandem ea dimissa, ad subdiaconum conuolatum, deinde uxorem sibi asciuit.  Post pauca ad diaconum ascendum, sicque in episcopum electus est.

A learned layman had a concubine.  At last he left her and immediately became a subdeacon.  Next he took a wife.  After a short time he became a deacon and was then elected bishop.

Queritur igitur an nubentes post uotum sint separandi?

It is asked whether those who marry and after assuming clerical office  should be separated?

Secundo an si concubinam habuerit in episcopum sit ordinandus?

Second should a cleric who had a concubine be ordained a bishop?

Tertio utrum in sacro ordine tantum  constitutus eligendus sit in episcopum?

Third should someone who has just been received in sacred orders be ordained a bishop?

St Gall, Stiftsbibliothek 673, fol. 1r