omparative Foundations of Modern Law


Final Essay

  Due date:  July 10, 2005


This course has dealt with three major themes:  1. Legislation and Codification in European Law  2. Development of Procedure in European Legal Systems, and 3. Role of the Jurist in Legal Systems.   Write ca. 2 pages on each of these general themes.  Be sure to compare civil law and common law systems when appropriate. 

4. Select one of the following topics and write three pages on the development of this legal concept or institution in the Ius commune:

1. Consent and Representation

2. Rights of Individuals

3. Case Law and Precedent

4. Origins of International Law

5. Due Process

6. A Significant Difference between Civil Law and Common Law that We Have Discussed during the Course.  Give your reasons why the two legal systems differ.

Write an essay covering each of these points. It should be typed, double-spaced, and proofread. The font should be 12 point, the margins 1" left and right, top and bottom. Please number pages (in case of an accident!).  Insert the number of each question in your essay when you being to discuss that part (so I am clear where you are).

I will evaluate your essay on how well you integrate the material on the web and the class lectures with the readings (for this essay the textbooks and essays on the class web page).  The main point to remember when writing this essay is that none of the questions has any "hidden" or "trick" elements to them.  I want you to write an analytic, thoughtful essay on the material presented in the course.  For that reason, if you have any questions about exactly what I want you to write about in the essay, please ask.  I'll tell you!

You can submit your paper by email (I would prefer that you do).  It should be a DOS document in Word or WordPerfect.  If you are a Mac person and if you know that I cannot read your files, please submit a paper copy of your essay to me.  

Please label your file with your class number that you have gotten from Iza:  e.g. One.doc.  Remember to submit your essay by not using your own email account or by having Iza send it to me.