Father Craig Malzacher's Untold Story

This is a a video of of Father Craig from 1998. He was in a punk rock band named "Against All Authority". He was one of the trumpet players in the band. In this video he was 20 years old and about 40 pounds heavier.  He is the guy in the video with the bleached blond hair. The band had traveled to every major city in the continental US and parts of Canada during this tour.  "Against All Authority" still has a number of songs on iTunes.

Against All Authority, Justification

Steely Dan, Reelin in the Years  (A Father Steven Choice)

Alison Krauss & Union Station, Oh Atlanta (A Father Daniel Ketter Selection)

Storyhill , Absaroka Air (A Father Jason Selection)

The Band, Atlantic City

Ray Charles, Georgia (Another Father Daniel Selection)

Lesley Gore, It's My Party (Capo di gruppo scelta)

Cat Stevens, Father and Son (A Brandon Pearce Selection)

The Class Music of Canon Law 760 and Law 507 (2015)