Codes of Roman Law Before Justinian

Codes of Hermogenianus (Constitutions from Hadrian [117-138 A.D. to Diocletian 284-305 A.D.]) and Gregorianus (Constitutions of Diocletian).  Private Collections


Codex Theodosianus (438 A.D.).  An expansion of the Codes of Hermogenianus and Gregorianus from the Emperor Constantine (306-337 A.D.) to the time of Theodosianus.


The Germanic tribes who conquered the Western Provinces of the Empire also collected Roman law for the Romans who lived under them:  Lex Romana Visigothorum (475 A.D.), Breviarium Alarici (506 A.D.), and the Lex Romana Burgunionum (ca. 500 A.D.).  Canonical collections gathered ax-large part of their Roman law from these collections.

Colossal Statue of the Emperor Constantine

Capitoline Museum, Rome