Stuttgart, Württembergische  Landesbibliothek jur. 71, fol. 8v

1. Huguccio ca. 1190 attributes the authenticae to Irnerius. The jurists worked on the first 9 books of Justinian's Codex and Justinian's Institutes

2.  The primary means through which the jurists made the Codex relevant for the twelfth century by adding abbreviated texts to the margins that they called C.N. (Constitutiones Novae)  These additions to the margins of the Codex  are important because they provide evidence for the teaching of the jurists and for their making the Codex a living law

3. Manuscripts contain 220 vulgate authenticae and  over 148 extravangantes (Palmieri* did not find all of them in his six manuscripts)

4. Many of  the the extravagantes have little or no connection with any Novellae.  Authenticae that became part of the vulgate tradition sometimes had tenuous relationships to the Novellae to which they were attributed.

*Giovanni Baptista Palmieri (Johanne Baptista Palmerio) Authenticarum collectio antiqua in Scripta anectoda glossatorum vel glossatorum aetate composita (Bibliotheca iuridica medii aevi 3; Bologna 1901) 68-95

Stuttgart, Württembergische  Landesbibliothek jur. 71, fol. 8v