Silver Coin of Rhodes 200 BC
Head of Helios

45. Paulus. On Sabinus, Book X

Where parties commit damage because they could not otherwise protect themselves, they are guiltless; for all laws and all legal systems permit persons to repel force by force. Qui cum aliter tueri se possent, damni culpam dederint, innoxii sunt: vim enim vi defendere omnes leges omnia iura permittunt.


Lex Aquilia Dig. 9.2

4. Gaius, On the Provincial Edict, Book VII.

Therefore, if I kill your slave who is a thief and is attacking me at the time, I shall be free from liability, "For natural reason permits a man to protect himself from danger". Itaque si servum tuum latronem insidiantem mihi occidero, securus ero: nam adversus periculum naturalis ratio permittit se defendere.