Pope Honorius III,  Etsi membra (X 3.10.10)

K÷ln, Erzbisch÷fliche Di÷zesan- und Dombibliothek 131, fol. 94v

"Although the members of Christ’s body, which is the Church, do not have one function but diverse ones . . . He placed each person in that body so that the members constitute one body. The eye cannot say to the hand “I don’t need what you do” or the head to the feet, “you aren’t necessary to me.” Still more important, the weaker members of the body seem to be necessary.

We and our brothers the cardinals were in complete agreement that those chapters ought to be invited to such councils and their nuncios (nuntii) ought to be admitted to the business of the council, especially about those matters that are known to concern the chapters."