Title One: Chapters 1-8: Primacy of the Roman Church   Chapter 8:  The pope shall be judged by no one
Title Two: Chapter 21: Jesus established the primacy of the Roman Church  Matthew 16:18
Title Three: Chapter 24:  The privileges of the churches and monasteries shall remain inviolate
Title Three: Chapters 36-38:  Imperial decrees that privilege churches should remain inviolate
Title Five:  Chapter 44 and 45:  Accusations cannot be made by those who have committed crimes or apostasized
Title Ten:  Chapter 82: Bishops may not be deposed without the authority of the Apostolic See
Title Eleven: Chapter 91: Bishops deposed without the authority of the Apostolic See shall be restored
Title Nineteen:  Chapter 163:  A priest should remain in the church where he is appointed for life
Title Twenty-One:  Chapter 170: Priests shall not marry
Title Twenty-Three:  Chapter 178: The decrees of the Apostolic See shall be always observed
Title Forty-One: Chapter 227: Church and State:  Pope Gelasius to Emperor Anastasius

Duo sunt, imperator auguste, quibus principaliter hic mundus regitur; auctoritas sacrata pontificum et regalis potestas.  There are two powers by which this world is chiefly ruled, august emperor, the sacred authority of the priests and royal power.


Title 42:  Chapters 229 and 230:  Non-local clerics (alienus clericus) should not be received; No bishop may ordain a slave (serf) (servus alterius) of another

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