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History of the Medieval Councils

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Councils were established in the first three centuries of the Christian Church.  Their canons played a very important role in unifying the Church.  This course will explore the theory and practice of conciliar institutions in local churches and the establishment of ecumenical or general councils.  The function of the council as a court, legislative body, and vehicle for reform will be studied.  The course will examine the councils of the Roman Catholic Church from the third century AD to the Council of Basel in the fifteenth century.  The canons of the council will be studied for their legal and theological contents. 


Required Book:  Norman P. Tanner, The Councils of the Church:  A Short History (New York 2001)  ISBN 0-8245-1904-3  Tanner's book is an excellent overview of conciliar history with excellent bibliographies.  It can be purchased from for $15.95.


Heinz Ohme, Sources of the Greek Canon Law to the Quinisext Council (692): Councils and Church Fathers

Anne J. Duggan, Conciliar Law 1123-1215: The Legislation of the Four  Lateran Councils

Atria Larson, Early Stages of Gratian’s Decretum and the Second Lateran Council: A Reconsideration

Ken Pennington, Representation in Medieval Canon Law

Ken Pennington, Roman Law at the Papal Curia in the Early Twelfth Century (An analysis of Lateran II's c.9)

Provided text on DVD:  Greek and Latin Texts of the Ecumenical Councils, the Texts of the Councils in the Corpus of Canon Law, and Manuscripts of Early Councils


1. Councils before Constantine

 Councils of Carthage 253-256 Council of Antioch  268 Council of Elvira 306


2. The Constantinian Councils

Council of Rome 313 Council of Arles 314 Council of Nicaea 325


3. Greek Councils

Constantinople I  381

Ephesus 431

Chalcedon 451

Constantinople II and III 553 and 680-681

Nicaea II 787

Constantinople IV 869-870


4. Latin Councils before the Twelfth Century

Rome 863 Council of Melfi 1089 Council of Claremont 1095


 5. Latin Ecumenical Councils

Second Lateran Council 1139

Third Lateran Council 1179

 Fourth Lateran Council 1215

First Council of Lyon 1245

Second Council of Lyon 1270

Council of Vienne 1311-1312


6. The Age of Conciliarism

Council of Constance  1414-1418 Councils of Basel and Ferrara 1431-1445 Councils of Florence and Rome 1431-1445

The course will require one research paper that will be due at the end of the semester and ongoing class participation.  Final Essay is due on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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