Byzantium and Islam

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The Eastern Roman Empire expands its boundaries and its influence

Emperor Justinian I 527-565

Justinian's Corpus iuris civilis (Body of Civil Law) 530-535 AD = Digest, Code, Institutes, and Novella

King of the Franks Clovis 481-511
Byzantine Reconquest of Italy and Western Mediterranean 536-555 Lombards invade Italy 568-572
Birth of Mohammad ca. 570 Hegira (Flight of the Prophet) from Mecca to Yathrib (Medina)  622 A.D.
Mohammad dies 8 June, 632 A.D. Battle of Yarmuk 636 A.D..   First great victory of Moslems over Byzantines
Arabs conquer Jerusalem 637  Damascus 635 and Alexandria 642 A.D.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Arabs reach the Straits of Gibralter 711 A.D.  Tariq Ibn Ziyad (Jabal Tariq=Gibraltar) Arabs conquer most of modern Spain 719 A.D.
Constantinople beseiged: 669, 673-678, 716-718, 783-785

Battle of Tours (Poitiers) (732)