Saint Peter's at Christmas

The Pope becomes a Prince

Papal Schisms in the Twelfth Century

Fourth Council of Constantinople 869-870

First Lateran Council 1123

Pope Honorius II 1124-1130

Pope Innocent II 1130-1143

Second Lateran Council 1139

Pope Eugenius III (1145-1153)

Pope Hadrian IV (1154-1159)  The only English pope

Pope Alexander III (1159-1181)

Third Lateran Council 1179


Theodoric 1100-1101

Albert 1102

Sylvester IV 1105-1111

Gregory VIII 1118-1121

Celestine II 1124

Anacletus II 1130-1138

Victor IV 1138

Victor IV (sic) 1159-1164

Paschal III 1164-1168

Calixtus III 1168-1178

Innocent III 1179-1180

The Church of San Lorenzo in Miranda

Built into the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Roman Forum

The Tale of Two Archbishops 

Rainald of Dassel and Saint Thomas Becket


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