<Reus>   Item: "Laborantem agricolam primum oportet summere de fructibus suis <2 Tim. 2.6>." At uero uos econtra queritis? Nam sumus agricole laborantes, de fructibus nostris primum percipere uultis? Immo non primum quia nec ultimum nobis relinquere vultis. A prioribus enim inchoantes paulatim serpitis, et totum usurpare contenditis, ut et pro uobis dictum uideatur: frustra lupus commedit agnum.

Item: "Quis unquam suis stipendiis militat? Quis gregem pascit et de lacte eius non edit <1 Cor. 9.7>?" Nos militamus: et uos stipendia nostre militie uobis queritis? Nos gregem pascimus et uos lac eius et lanam accipere uultis? Sapere est de alieno labore uictum querere, si sapere est quod non possis.

<Defendant> Again: "The farmer has the first claim to his fruits" <2 Tim. 2.6>.  You seeks our fruits?  We are farmers and you want to receive them first?  Not the first and not the last to you wish to leave to us.   From the first gradually to all you strive to usurp.  For you the proverb seems apt:  Through deceit the wolf ate the lamb. 

Again: "What soldier has ever fought at his own expense? Who would feed a flock and not live on its milk?"  <1 Cor. 9.7> We wage war and you seek our stipends? We feed our flock and you wish to take our milk and wool?   It is prudent to seek profit from the labor of others if prudence is that you cannot.