Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek 673, fol. 144

Gratian's Hypothetical for Causa 19

Voluit duo clerici ad monasterium transire.  Petiit uterque ab episcopo suo licentiam.  Vnde queritur an debeat episcopus permittere ut propria ecclesia relicta clericus monachus fiat? Secundo: Si episcopus dare licentiam noluerit an eo invito monasterium adire possit? Tertio: si contigerit ipsos regulares canonicos fuisse utrum monasterii ingressus eis esset concedendus?

Two clerics wanted to transfer into a monastery.  They both petitioned permission from their bishop. 

Whence it is asked whether a bishop ought to permit a cleric who leaves his own church to become a monk.  Second:  If a bishop did not want to give permission whether a cleric can enter a monastery even though his bishop was opposed.   Third:  If it happened that the clerics were canons regular would permission to enter a monastery be granted to them?


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