Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek 673, fol. 144

Causa 19 q.1 c.1:  A bishop ought to permit a cleric who seeks a better life to enter a monastery  (Canon of the Fourth Council of Toledo 633 A.D.)

Causa 19 q.2 c.1:  No cleric should be received if his bishop was unwilling  (Decretal letter of Pope Leo I 446 A.D.)

Gratian: C.19 q.2 d.p.c.1: "Vbi certe subaudiendus est: nisi ad melioris vite propositum voluerit emigrare, nam tunc episcopo etiam contradicente liberum est illi  monasterium ingredi" (Where certainly this ruling should be understood as meaning that unless the cleric wanted to transfer to a "better life."  Then even if the bishop opposes him a cleric is free to enter a monastery.)

Causa 19 q.2 c.2: Pope Urban II's Duae sunt is the proof upon which Gratian based his conclusion in the previous dictum.