Vat. lat. 8782, fol. 94v

15 Constitutions should have been split in the printed editions.  There are 69 Constitutions in the Vatican manuscript, not 43.

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<Constitutio 43>

Si iudex litem suam fecerit

Iudex si accepta pecunia reum quem criminis et mortis fecerit, capitis periculo subiacebit. (If a judge receives money and then declares someone guilty of a crime and of death, then he shall be subject to capital punishment).

Constitutiones Friderici II  2.50.2

Si iudex fraudolenter atque dolose sententiam contra leges protulerit, auctoritate iudiciaria inrecuperabiliter cadat, notetur infamia, rebus eius omnibus publicatis. Quod is ignorantia a iuris sententia oberraverit, ferens iudicium pro simplicitate animi manifesta, regie misericordie et providentie subiacebit (If a judge fraudulently and deceitfully hands down a sentence contrary to the laws, then he shall lost his judicial authority without hope of recovery, be branded with infamy and all his property shall be confiscated.   However, if he makes a mistake in sentencing through ignorance of the law, he shall be punished for his simplicity of mind and be subject to our royal mercy and foresight).

Constitutiones Friderici II  2.50.1