Organization of the Decretum

Gratian's Sources of Canon Law

Conciliar Canons (local and general)
Papal Decretals (letters)
Church Fathers
Custom, Secular Legislation


Gratian, Concordia discordantium canonum = Decretum

Glossed Gratian 1472

Gratian, De legibus

Glossed Corpus iuris canonici (UCLA)


Gratian the Teacher

Causa 1 (In the St Gall manuscript) (Clerical discipline)

Causa 1 (In Gratian I and II)

Causa 13  (Instructions for advocates)

Causa 27  (Marriage)

Causa 29  (Marriage)  Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, 

St. Gall has 33 Causae (Causae 24 (heresy), 25 (tithes), 26 (divination) of Gratian II and III are missing):  Gratian II and III have 36 Causae

Method of citing the Decretum

D.1 c.7 (d.i. Ius naturale)

C.1 q.1 c.112 (c.i. q.i. Omnis)

De pen. D.1 c.23 (de pen. d.i.  Periculose) 7 distinctiones (De penitentia is part of Causa 33)

De con. D.4 c.36 (de con. d.iiii. Sanctum) 4 distinctiones

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