Gothic Architecture: A New Architecture for a New World

Romanesque Architecture of the Early Middle Ages: Norman Sicily

Spread of Gothic Architecture and of Universities from early twelfth to fifteenth centuries

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The Greek and Roman Architectural Style preceded Gothic in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.  Gothic was the first new style since the ancient world.  Do you want to see a Greek Temple? Go to Sicily!
segesta4.jpg (402077 bytes)   Segesta, Sicily Agrigento1.JPG (224877 bytes)  Agrigento, Sicily

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Abbot Suger, St. Denis (near Paris)

Front Facade, Suger's Apse, Vaulting

Suger's Stained Glass  

Thirteenth-Century Rose Window

The Thirteenth-Century Church of St. Denis



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Notre Dame, Chartres (France) Map

 Plan of a Gothic Church

General view of Notre Dame of Chartres, cathedral

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Front Facade Upper

The Lower Front facade

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Stained Glass,   

Detail of Stained Glass



Notre Dame, Paris

Another Example of Northern French Gothic Architecture: 

Notre Dame in Paris, Front Facade

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Gargoyles on Notre Dame

View from the South

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Siena (Italy)


Early Christian and Italian Medieval Churches were based on the Roman Basilica

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Duomo in Siena

Front Facade

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Topic 8:  The Political Papacy




 European Urbanism
  (A major theme for the rest of the semester)

Centers of Power 1000-1500

The walled city and its towers

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Carcassonne and its walls at night

Medieval Musical Instruments

The Growth of Italian Cities

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The Secular and Spiritual Center of the City


Northern Cities: Chartres

Palazzo Publico (City Hall)

Images of Good and Bad Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti (1319-1347)

View of Medieval Tower in Siena

Santa Maria della Scala, Oldest Hospital in Europe

The importance of Trade and Ship Building for the Growth of Italian and Mediterranean Cities

Map of Trade ca. 1300

Northern Cities

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Hanseatic League

Cologne, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Lübeck, Augsburg, Nürnburg, Rostock

Map of Hanseatic League 1160-1660