TRS 220: Charlemagne and the Vikings

Topic Four

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Charles the Great: The Establishment of a New Latin Empire and the Spread of Christianity in Northern Europe

A bronze, small statuette that may or may not be Charlemagne.

Time Line for Charlemagne's Reign

The Four most Significant Reasons Why Charlemagne is Important

Charlemagne and his Conquests: Conversion by the Sword

Papal States

Charlemagne and the Church: Legislation

Charlemagne and the Papacy: Pope Leo III crowns him Roman Emperor

Carolingian Culture

Charlemagne's Chapel at Aachen

Charlemagne's Dream

Map of Charlemagne's Empire

Map of the Carolingian Church   

 More detailed Map of Political Power ca. 800  

Another Map of Charlemagne's Empire

Charlemagne's Residence Aachen

Carolingian Coinage

Carolingian Culture


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During the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth century, scholars thought that Carolingian manuscripts were so beautiful that they must have been examples of ancient Roman writing.  These scholars imitated the Carolingian letter forms. 

Palace School Aachen

Charlemagne built a chapel for his palace at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle); it was designed to resemble a Byzantine church in Ravenna, San Vitale


Einhard, Life of Charlemagne

Roman Writing

Merovingian Charter

Example of Merovingian Writing

Carolingian minuscule

Another Example of Carolingian Minuscule

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Distintergration of the Carolingian World


Louis the Pious died in 840

Map of Treaty of Verdun 843

Viking Ceremonial Helmet

Click on helmet

Charles the Simple

Rollo the Viking, Normandy 911

Saracens (Arabs): Sicily, 843 sack of Rome, Conquest of Corsica, Sardinia, Agropoli, Delta of the Rhone River

Emperor Otto I (936-973)

Magyars: Lechfeld 955 

Norman Conquests

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Christianization of the Scandanavians