A bronze, small statuette that may or may not be Charlemagne

Canon Law in Carolingian Europe


Pseudo-Isidorian Decretales, Cologne, Dombibl. 113, fol. 1r

Short History of Canon Law

Greek Canonical Collections


Capitularies of Charlemagne

Collections Containing Forged Decretals and Conciliar Canons

1. Collectio hispana gallica Augustodunensis

2. Capitula Angilramni

3. Capitularia Benedicti Levitae

4. Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals

Preface to Pseudo-Isidore

Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals

Purpose(s) of the Forgers

1. Independence of Clergy from Lay Control

2. Defend Clerics from Lay Accusations in Court

3. Diminishing the Authority of Metropolitans by Allowing Appeals to Rome

4. Suppression of Chor Bishops

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