Collection in 74 Titles

Title One:  On the Primacy of the Roman See

Devil on the Tympanum of the Cathedral in Bamberg  13th Century

C. 1:  Deuteronomy 17:8-13

If you perceive that there is a hard and doubtful judgment among you, between blood and blood, case and case (causa et causa), and if you see the words of the judges do vary within your gates, arise and got to the place which the Lord your God shall choose.

C. 2: Pseudo-Anacletus: Papal Primacy from Jesus

C.3: Pseudo-Zephyrinus: Everyone can appeal to the Roman Church

C. 4: Pseudo-Callistus: All members should follow the head

C. 5: Pseudo-Fabian: No force, only justice


C. 6: Pseudo-Fabian: If judge is unfair, appeal.

C.7: Pseudo Sixtus: Appeal to Apostolic See

C. 8: Pseudo-Silvester: No one may judge the First See.  Neither the emperor, clergy or people shall judge.

C. 10: Pope Gelasius: The whole church throughout the world knows that the holy Roman church has the right to judge every church.

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