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Canon Law 728N


 Seminar: Medieval Papacy

Ken Pennington

Wed. 3:25-5:55 PM

Classroom:  Canon Law Seminar Room, Mullen Library

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We will not meet on  1st, 8th, and 22nd of October.   

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We will be using email this semester, and I want to have a listserve at CUA and at home.

The course will require one research paper that will be due at the end of the semester and ongoing class participation. Final Essay is due on Friday, December 12, 2014

Required texts:

Bernhard Schimmelpfennig,The Papacy (Columbia University Press, 1992) I will supply you with an electronic copy of the text.

Colin Morris, The Papal Monarchy: The Western Church from 1050 to 1250 (Oxford University Press).   Very expensive; don't buy it unless you are a book addict.  However, the book is available electronically on the CUA Library website.  That's how we will read it.

Topic One

The Evolution of Papal Monarchy: Church and State, Church Property

Readings: Pennington, Caesaropapism;  Schimmelpfennig  pp. 1-43


Topic Two

Papal Law:  The Beginnings of Judicial Primacy from Peter to Gregory VII

Readings: Pennington, The Growth of Church Law; Pennington, A Short History of Canon Law from Apostolic Times to 1917;  Benson, Plenitudo potestatis Webpages: The Law and Theology of Primacy; Dictatus papae of Gregory VII


Topic Three

Gregorian Reform Movement

Leo IX, Nicholas II, Gregory VII

Readings: Schimmelpfennig, pp. 44-149; Morris, The Papal Monarchy 1-133


Topic Four

Bella sacra

Urban II: The Crusades  Pascal II and  Pope Innocent II Lateran Council II

Reading: Schimmelpfennig, pp. 151-169; Morris, The Papal Monarchy 134-416


Topic Five

Papal Monarchy

Pope Alexander III and Innocent III

1. Innocent's Biography and his Vision of his Office 2. Innocent III and the Crusade  3. Innocent III and the Papal States   4. Innocent III and Reform: Procedural Reform, Qualiter et quando; Fourth Lateran Council 5. Innocent III and Secular Powers  6. Papal Registers

Readings:   Pennington, Alexander III; Pennington, Pope Innocent IIIThird Lateran Council Old Edition; Third Lateran Council New Edition; Alexander III's Licet de vitanda; Alexander III, Papal Bull 1163; Alexander III, Papal Bull 1172;  Schimmelpfennig, pp. 151-169; Morris, The Papal Monarchy 134-582; John C. Moore, Pope Innocent III (1160/61-1216):  To Root up and to Plant. The Medieval Mediterranean 47. Leiden-Boston:  Brill, 2003; paperback edition 2009.  Electronic version available through Mullen Library's Catalogue; Innocent III's Letters,  Ken Pennington, Short Biography of Innocent III Ken Pennington, "Innocent III and the Ius commune", Ken Pennington, "The Legal Education of Pope Innocent III"; Ken Pennington, "Further Thoughts on Pope Innocent III's Knowledge of Law"; Ken Pennington, "Pope Innocent III's Views on Church and State: A Gloss to Per venerabilem"

Bibliography for Innocent III


Topic Six

Innocent IV to the Conciliar Movement:  Papal Monarchy Challenged

Readings: Pennington, Innocent IV; Schimmelpfennig, pp. 170-267; Morris, The Papal Monarchy 453-582